Brexit FAQ’s

  • What is a green card?

A green card is an international certificate of insurance issued by insurers from the UK providing the minimum level of cover required to drive within the EU limits

  • When will I know if I need a green card?

After the vote within the House of Commons there will be a decision made regarding the UK’s exit from the EU. If no agreement is in place after the 29th March and there is no extension on Article 50 then and we leave the EU without a deal, then a green card will be required.

  • Will I still be able to get a green card?

In most cases – Yes. If your policy allowed you to drive in the EU previously then you will still be eligible to obtain a green card.

  • Is there an additional cost?

Our insurer partners have not yet decided if there will be a cost to obtain a green card. Further updates will be given closer to the time.

  • Do I need to travel with the green card?

Yes, you will need to show this as evidence that valid insurance is in place to drive in the EU country. Your certificate of motor insurance will not be accepted alone.

  • Do I have to let you know that I am planning to drive to the EU?

Yes, you will need to inform us that you are planning to travel to the EU. If you are please call our customer services team on 0333 400 1060. You will also have to advise us all the countries you intend to drive to as well as your purpose

  • I have a trip planned for after the 29th March 2019. What do I do?

Simply contact our customer services team at least 1 month prior to travelling so we are able to obtain a green card from your insurer.

  • Can I travel without a green card?

No, It is illegal to drive in the EU without a green card. If you fail to obtain a green card you may be able to purchase insurance locally, however this is not guaranteed and could be costly.

  • Does Brexit effect my insurance policy if I do not drive in the EU

UK insurance laws are not set to change after 29th March 2019 currently so there should be no impact to UK insurance policy holders.

  • Will I need to have a EU licence to drive in the EU?

There are no clear rulings on this as of yet, however further up to date information can be found on the Department for Transports site which is available here.