Secrets to Cheap Young Driver Insurance

The cost of young drivers insurance can be eye wateringly high, and that’s where “Enter website/company name” can help. Harsh reality is that insurance for budding drivers can cost several thousand pounds per year, sometimes even more than the actual car itself. This is not only frustrating but discouraging for young lads looking forward to getting behind the wheel. Newly qualified drivers often struggle to find the best insurance policy at an affordable price, but with a wealth of experience, our insurance specialists can delineate an insurance policy fast and one that is worth your time.

There are several ways to get young drivers insurance without an expensive price tag. However, before getting into that, it is important to understand why this category of insurance comes with a steep price to begin with. Insurance expert’s claim that the primary reason why newbie drivers insurance isn’t cheap compared to experienced and older drivers is because younger drivers are more likely to be involved in an accident that their seasoned counterparts.

To add to this, the cost of young driver insurance claim tends to be higher than experienced driver insurance claims. This rise in claim costs is because most young drivers are involved in accidents caused by high speeds and where there are five or seven passengers in the vehicle. The costs of damages combined with the personal injury caused are reasons for the bump in insurance claim prices.

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There are several ways to reduce the financial burden and hassles associated with young driver car insurance. Every car deemed fit for roads in the UK is assigned to one of 50 groups. Insurance companies take several aspects into consideration to make these allocations including security features of the vehicle, costs of repairs and vehicle performance capabilities. Furthermore, they also consider the statistics of car makes and models involved in accidents.

Thumbrule is that the higher number of group your vehicle is designated, the more you can expect to pay in insurance premiums. Of course, there are other driver specific factors that come into play such as age of the driver, location and driving history, but the insurance company grouping will account for the eventful size of the premium. You are likely to score a low cost insurance policy if you opt for a vehicle from a lower group, and for more information and clarification on the grouping system, get in touch with one of our UK insurance advisors.

Here are a few things to remember:

  • Inform your insurance about any changes that may affect your policy
  • Figure out how much you’d actually claim for
  • Opt for multi-car policies if you live with parents
  • Always minimize your risk
  • Remember telematics quotes

These tips should slash your costs and make young driver car insurance more affordable so give us a call today to see if it’s really worth it!

Another quick tip and hardly ever mentioned on saving money on newbie car insurance is to tweak your job description. There are several insurance companies that calculate insurance premiums based on historic risk assessments and your occupations plays a crucial role towards this. You may also cut costs on insurance premiums if you’re living with your parents or even a partner, which proves that you are in a stable relationship. It is understood that young drivers are more likely to take risks with less driving experience and as a result are destined to run into potential hazards.

Statistics indicate that one in five new drivers is involved in a crash within a few months of passing the test, and a young driver is more than three times likely to get into an accident than an older driver. This explains why many students being young drivers are regarded as a higher risk by insurance companies. The location of the driver’s school, college or university, and area they live in may also influence costs.

Rather than waiting a couple years to gain driving experience and build up your no claims bonus, there are other ways to enjoy a low young driver insurance premium. Stop wasting time looking for cheap young driver insurance in all the wrong places, when we are just a phone call away.