Short Term Car Insurance – Drive with a Few Clicks

Generally, you can expect to be locked into a period of 12 months when you buy motor vehicle insurance, but what if you just need cover for a day or two or even a couple weeks? Chances are that you might want to borrow your dad’s car for a week during your school holidays or share the driving task with your friend on a long trip. You could become a named driver on a policy or add one to yours, but this may literally ruin your no-claims discount in the event of a claim. If you’d like to drive today with short term car insurance at an affordable cost, get an instant quote now and protect yourself and others while behind the wheel.

Taking out a short term insurance policy is the perfect and probably the only way to pay for just the amount of cover you need, from 1 to 28 days. In addition, you can rest assured that any claims made with the separate short term insurance cover by another party will not affect your no-claims bonus. Short term cover is generally available for individuals between the ages of 18 – 75 so if you fall within this age bracket, get a no-nonsense short insurance quote now and drive safely up to 28 days.

Although short term insurance cover is available for people between the ages of 18 – 21, most insurers consider this group to be a risky proposition especially if you’re new driver. But with our wealth of experience in providing short term insurance, we can do much better than others to provide you with the right policy at the right price. Furthermore, we also specialize in providing short term insurance to high school or college dropouts as long as long as you’re legally entitled to drive in the UK so get a quote now to see how we can help! Short term car insurance provides a multitude of advantages of, some of them include:

ü  Temporary no frills car insurance from 1 to 28 days

ü  Protect your no-claims bonus

ü  Great for weekend insurance

ü  Available for most types of vehicles

ü  Comprehensive cover at your fingertips

Getting short term car insurance couldn’t be easier with our instant quote system, which provides you with the best price with just a few clicks. If you have several points on your license, a poor claims history or prior motoring convictions, most short term car insurers will offer you excruciating premium rates or deny you cover altogether. Adding to this ordeal, you may find it challenging to get short term car insurance cover if you’re in possession of a provisional licence or a European licence. If any of the above applies to you, we might just be your best solution for short term car insurance cover.

Short term car insurance cover may prove handy in a ton of situations such as protecting your own no-claims bonus when teaching a friend or daughter to drive in your car. The last thing you’d want to do is risk your no-claims discount for a learner driver. Many clients also see short term car insurance as a great solution for their kids returning home from school and looking to temporarily drive the family vehicle. Short term car insurance may is an ideal choice for:

ü  Classic and Sports Car Enthusiasts – If you own a classic or sports car that you use moderately such as weekends, a brief insurance policy or short term insurance cover is generally the best route to explore.

ü  Learner Drivers – If you’re just learning to drive, you may find it challenging to accommodate your driving lessons into your daily schedule. For this, short term car insurance may be cheaper than taking out a full length provisional driver policy.

ü  Emergency and routine Tasks – If you need to cater to an emergency situation and have access to a vehicle, but no insurance, short term cover is the perfect solution. You can also use this form of one day cover to complete your routine tasks such as getting to work or even a trip to the store.

Our hassle-free process ensures you get short term insurance cover by providing minimal but essential details. These may include but not limited to:

ü  The period you’d like the cover for

ü  Your driving and license history

ü  Details about yourself such as your name and address

ü  Details of the car you’d like to insure

If you’re looking to secure yourself or someone else behind the wheel instantly with short term insurance cover, we are the best insurance outfitters.