Alarming rise in mobile phone use behind the wheel

A new report has shown a worrying shift in mobile phone use behind the wheel. The RAC has conducted a report into motoring in 2016 and it shows that back in 2014 the number of drivers who admitted to using a mobile phone whilst driving was 8%. Fast forward to two years later and that figure has jumped to a staggering 31%.

The report also finds that the number of car drivers sending a text, email or posting on their favorite social network has risen from 8% in 2014 to 19% today. Worrying statistics, whilst your mobile deice can now do so much more and even aid you behind the wheel for navigational purposes – what is remarkable is that 14% of drivers sampled stated that they admitted to taking photos and videos whilst driving. A problem which as you can imagine leads to accidents and crashes on Britain’s roads. You can then start to see why the government is looking to double the amount of points on your licence if caught interacting with your mobile device while behind the wheel.

With drivers that have been driving for less than two years this could mean an automatic ban due to the threshold of points on a licence during this period. Many believe it is a generational issue with young drivers growing becoming accustomed to checking their smart phone at any given time. However the report states that it isn’t just the younger generation that make up their poll, it is older drivers as well. It goes to show that society has changed, further signposting that it is becoming ingrained in our culture having to keep one eye on your phone rather than the road. Not to mention the issue of car insurance companies seeing an influx of customers getting points on their licence and further pushing up the cost of insurance for younger drivers.