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Severn Crossing toll charge to be scrapped in 2019

Regular motorists that use the Severn Crossing toll between England and Wales could well find themselves £1,400 better off from 2019, after confirmation its toll charges will be scrapped completely Announcing the move, taking effect from the end of 2018, Welsh Secretary Alun Cairns said removing the fees – which rise to as high as £20 for […]

The UK to ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars in 2040

In 23 years time it has been announced the sale of all petrol and diesel vehicles will be no more. Michael Gove has set out this date for his air strategy which will also include the recommendation for a “value for money” diesel scrappage scheme when it goes through the High Court in a few […]

Motorists spend an average of 44 hours per year looking for parking space

The average motorist loses out to an average of £733 a year looking for parking spaces, a new report published by the RAC On average, 44 hours of the year are being spent by drivers simply looking for the right space, a figure which rises to an alarming 67 hours for those driving in  London. These associated costs, taken from a data study […]

Electric car sales hit the two million mark

Longer vehicle battery life and increased support from some of the world’s biggest leaders have been credited with a huge surge in sales of electric cars, with over two million now on the road. Across the world, there was a 60% uplift in last year compared to 2015, as the electric motor industry started to gain some real momentum. […]

Motorists wary of driverless cars

The big Technology companies have a long way to go to convince car drivers they can be trusted with driverless cars, research suggests. A new study from Inrix reveals that less than one in five road users in Britain would be willing to place their trust in a driverless vehicle built by a technology company. A range […]

Tough phone penalties fail to put off motorists

It has been revealed that a driver is caught every seven minutes using their mobile phone at the wheel when driving, even with the new tougher laws in place! In the four weeks since re-enforced laws for handheld use behind at thewheel took effect, UK police have penalised nearly 6,000 motorists – over 200 a day. […]

1 in 5 drivers do not research car finance

A study recently published by Parkers state that more than 20% of all drivers using finance to fund a car purchase don’t look at all of the options available and just take what is being offered at the dealership when in the process of buying their car. Added to this it has been revealed that […]

Digital driving licence anyone?

It may sound futuristic and something that may be befitting from the new Blade Runner movie, but by 2018 we could have digital driving licences. While the “Quick, easy and secure” service will not fully replace plastic licences, it will provide a convenient and legal alternative for those with a compatible device. The Driver and […]

Prices at the pump dropping further

March finally brought some long-overdue joy for motorists at Britain’s pumps, as the price of fuel fell by its biggest margin in months. The price drops show that fuel suppliers are finally passing on reductions in the price of oil – which fell by around 5% – to consumers on the forecourts. It led to the largest fall in diesel prices […]

UK driving test to receive shake-up

A major shake-up of the traditional UK driving test will come into force in December this year. A range of changes have been drafted by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), including the addition for learner drivers to understand and safely use sat-nav systems whilst on the road. The amount of time spent on independent driving will […]