Prices at the pump dropping further

March finally brought some long-overdue joy for motorists at Britain’s pumps, as the price of fuel fell by its biggest margin in months.

The price drops show that fuel suppliers are finally passing on reductions in the price of oil – which fell by around 5% – to consumers on the forecourts.

It led to the largest fall in diesel prices since January 2016, and the greatest drop for petrol since November.

March began with a litre of unleaded costing an average 120.15p, and diesel 122.19p, but ended up at a level more in line with the start of 2017.

It leaves the average cost for filling a typical family car (55-litre) at £64.65 for petrol, and £65.75 for diesel.

Across the UK, Scottish drivers enjoyed the biggest price falls – its average price fall of 2.9p a litre eclipsing the 2.6p UK average.

It was the North East though they boasted the country’s cheapest fuel for six consecutive months, coming in with an 116.50p average on petrol, and 118.53p for diesel at month-end.

At the other end of the scale, equivalent prices of 118.38p and 120.30p made the South East home to the most expensive fuel, which is in line with previous years data.

With rising costs now in place such as the new road tax laws for news cars registered in April and rising car insurance, this is most welcome news indeed for the country’s motorists.