Aston Martin To Build UK Factory In Wales

Aston Martin has found a site in South Wales to develop a £200 million plant to create its new DBX crossover, the famous concept car is now to become a reality. The SUV crossover is expected to hit the market in 2020.

This is Aston Martin’s second factory in the UK now, previously they built the Gaydon headquarters, which will continue to manufacture Aston Martin’s future generation of exotic sports cars including the hotly anticipated DB11 which is due to debut at the Geneva motor show in the coming weeks.

The site being constructed in Wales sits on the former Ministry of defense ‘Super hangers’ in St Athan, Glamorgan. It is expected that the opening of the facility and their existing plant will contribute up to a 1000 extra jobs between both areas. This isn’t taking into account the extra 3000 jobs to be expected across their supply chain, which will be generated.

Many are shocked that the prestigious brand chose to build a factory in Wales when the company were looking at locations as far and wide as the southern states in North America and Jaguar’s former facility in Coventry. Glamorgan were chosen due to a combination of government grant funding and the nearby location of Aston Martin’s HQ in Gaydon.

Aston Martin states that by 2020 when the facility will be fully operational they expect 90% of the cars built will be exported overseas. This should also further contribute an additional 3000 cars per year, which will bring the brand back in line to its pre recession levels in 2009.

With a brand as coveted as Aston Martin with UK infrastructure, this can only be a positive move in the right direction. The brand has transformed in recent years with a plethora of new models and rave reviews. If they can keep this upward trend then they can look to dominate the overseas market. Now if only you could get an Aston with affordable performance car insurance!