Audi cars could soon be talking to traffic lights

That’s right; no this isn’t something out of the new blade runner film. Very soon if you buy a new Audi it could be communicating with your local traffic lights. The new feature is based upon V-to-I technology or otherwise known as “Vehicle to infrastructure”. It will notify the driver of the vehicle when a traffic light is about to go green and will also alert them if they believe the driver of the car will not make it through a red light.

In terms of safety features we think this will give Volvo a run for its money, the aim is to eventually reduce the risk of collisions on roads but also aiding in cutting congestion. Initially Audi have stated that the new technology will be about improving comfort and convenience rather than specifically safety. By having the means to take away the stress from the driver as to when a light will change could greatly help the drivers stress levels.

By alerting motorists that a set of lights is about to go red will allow them to brake earlier and make driving more pleasurable. Many of their vehicles have had this option installed and it will be activated in five to seven cities in Northern America over the course of this year.

Other useful additional features could also be the ability to inform drivers that they need to limit speed to match the flow of traffic lights to ensure the constant flow of vehicle traffic.

No news as of yet if will see this on Britain’s roads anytime soon, but at the rate in which car technology is progressing we wouldn’t be surprised to see this integrated on a trial basis in busy city areas. The question remains though will Audi let other vehicles use this technology? Or will rival car manufacturers build a similar type of technology. Only time will tell but at least it can surely only mean good things for your car insurance premiums.