Best Grey Import Buys For 2015

Here at U Drive Cover we specialise in grey import insurance so we decided to take a look at some of the most popular grey imports of the moment.

A grey import is defined as any vehicle that is not manufactured in the U.K. but is legally imported through official import channels. There are several reasons to buy grey imports including their cost efficient and distinctive appeal that you just can’t find in locally manufactured vehicles. If you have the budget to own a flashy supercar, then that is a befitting choice.  But if you desire a flashy performance vehicle, and just don’t have the budget for it, a grey import is as close as you can get! When shopping for a grey import, you will be spoilt for choice so here are a few of the most popular models.

Nissan Figaro – The retro styled Figaro tops this list of grey import vehicles for several reasons. First, is was only manufactured in 1991 and only 20,000 units in total were available, so you getting yourself one of these showstoppers is like finding a needle in a haystack. Apart from its retro looks and impeccable reliability, and the fact that several big names have inexplicably adored it such as Eric Clapton and Vanessa Feltz, the real beauty of the Nissan Figaro is that it is backed by the Nissan Micra running gear, making it cheap and reliable to run.

Powered by a three speed automatic shifter and turbocharged 76bhp engine, the Nissan Figaro is a joy to drive and also arrives complete with a collapsible soft roof top. Another surprising aspect of the now 23 year old Nissan Figaro is that it arrives with modern appointments such as air-conditioning and power steering among others. With regards to spare parts and accessories for this well aged beauty, they should be easy to find in used and reconditioned forms at several Nissan and Figaro genuine dealers across the U.K. In you’d like to own a Figaro, a piddly £6,000 will get you one in pristine running condition.

Subaru Sambar Minivan

With regards to legends, the VW camper of the sixties takes home the gold for being an all time favourite of all time. But good news is that if you can’t afford to spend truckloads of cash on the original, there’s always equally appealing converted Subaru Minivan available at a fraction of the cost. It’s based on Japan’s ‘kei car’ (small car) design and is appointed with a small yet highly efficient 685cc normally aspirated engine.

In all honesty, the Subaru Sambar is no showstopper, but it showcases sheer practicality all across the board. It makes this list simply because of the immense fun it provides drivers and passengers aided by its VW lookalike body kit, feeble 40bhp engine, fold down rear seats and twin sliding doors. With regards to price, the Subaru Sambar can be had for just approximately £5,495 in the U.K.

Nissan Cube/Cube 3

This list would be deemed as incomplete without mentioning the Nissan Cube/Cube 3. Measuring just 44mm less than the Ford Focus, the Nissan Cube resembles a MPV only set on a city car chassis. It can be had in five and seven seater variants with both appointed with easy to read instruments, and a dedicated place to retire the rear headrests when not in use.