The most bizarre excuses for drivers with no insurance

Many drivers that are caught without car insurance seem to have the idea that they can talk their way out of a paper bag when it comes to being pulled over by the police for not having any adequate insurance. A new survey recently undertaken by a group of retired police officers have revealed some rather poor statistics of British drivers without car insurance. What many people don’t seem to realise is that police officers have heard every excuse imaginable before, so any excuses will fall on deaf ears. Even if it is more out there than most.

The study conducted by Churchill insurance found that the most common reasons citizens gave for driving around uninsured was ben clueless that they didn’t have car insurance in the first place. Nearly two thirds of drivers caught pleaded this claim. The retired officers stated that ignorance really is no suitable excuse or indeed a suitable defence.

The other major excuse that drivers claim was disorganisation – as many motorists state they had failed to keep on top of when their renewal was due. When a third of caught drivers go on the record to state this then this really is quite alarming. Especially in the digital age now where you can get ca insurance with a printed certificate in a matter of minutes.