Is breakdown cover a wise investment?

In these times of economic hardship we want to save as many pennies as possible, looking for the best breakdown cover deals is not the exception. There are plenty of companies out there fighting for your business; you just need to know where to look in order to snag yourself a fantastic deal.

The main service providers; Green Flag, RAC and the AA generally provide ‘resold’ services for other brands of car breakdown cover, for example RAC provide Tesco’s breakdown cover. Therefore it does make sense to start with the three main providers when searching for deals. Occasionally however one of their agents may offer a slightly better discount so you should always check with them as well. You may only be saving a couple of pounds a year, but that may mean extra money in your pocket.

When looking for a good deal also check that you are getting exactly what you require with your policy, the majority of the cheapest car breakdown cover deals only cover breakdowns over a ¼ of a mile from home. Did you know however that the majority of breakdowns actually happen before you have even left your home? Therefore despite the extra cost it does make sense to purchase a home cover add-on as in the long run it may work out cheaper.

Another thing to take into account when searching for Car Breakdown cover deals is where you will be travelling within the country. If you travel a few hundred miles away every month then it makes sense to opt for a policy which will bring your car closer to your house if it fails. There are also many deals that will also offer you overnight accommodation whilst your car is being repaired in a local garage or even onwards travel to your original destination, therefore you don’t have to miss that important meeting.

Many breakdown cover deals apply to just a car, but if you use multiple cars within your household then perhaps try and get a deal which is per person so they are covered in no matter what car they drive, in fact you can probably save a good chunk of change if you cover your entire family in one big hit.

With the amount of breakdown cover deals on the market nowadays there has never been a better time to purchase it; you will be saving considerable costs if you do breakdown, no more towing fees from the local mechanic so search for some policies and you will be doing yourself a huge favour!

Everybody needs to save money nowadays, and the prices of car breakdown cover has come down considerably in the past few years, mainly for two reasons; the improvement in car design means that car breakdowns are a lot more uncommon, but most importantly because these companies want your trade and they will lower their price until they get it. In fact if you already have cover with a firm then you are in a good position to haggle as they want to retain your business. This in turn benefits the customer as the huge range of car breakdown cover deals will save us a good wad of cash.