How You Can Check a Car’s Mileage and MOT History Online For Free

The government has now launched a website which enables you to check any vehicle’s history as long as you know the vehicle registration number. Prior to this consumers would have to stump up to pay a fee on websites such as to find information regarding MOT history and accurate mileage information.

The new government initiative doesn’t give you information regarding accidents or insurance claims however. It does however go back in time to give all the MOT date and whether the vehicle in question passed or failed. If a vehicle did fail at some point in its life the website will also give you information on what it failed on. Whether it was worn tyres or a blown exhaust. This is a great initiative which now means anyone can do a quick check of a prospective vehicle to see if the mileage stacks up and how much hardship that car has endured in its life so far. Its bad enough budgeting for things such as road tax and car insurance, but if you purchased a car unwittingly which had failed MOTs and suspect mileage then this is a great way to ensure you don’t buy a lemon.

The site also gives information such as when your current MOT is due if you mislay your existing MOT certificate or just cannot remember. It will also tell you whether a certain vehicle is taxed or not and the specific c02 emissions for any vehicle and when the vehicle was manufactured.