Car insurance companies call for more driverless crash data to place blame more accurately

Car insurance companies are calling for car manufacturers to show who was at fault in an accident involving a driverless car.

The association of British insurers states that drivers need to be able to prove that they are not the one at fault if the vehicle’s technology were to fail.

They want to collect data covering 30 seconds before and 15 seconds after a crash and also to reveal the location and whether the vehicle was in self-driving mode.

The body responsible for governing vehicle regulation is preparing to impose its own data requirements on the actual car manufacturers from the year 2019, this is the conduit in which UK insurers are using to influence for the benefit of UK motorists. It will also ensure that insurance premiums would be more in favour for the motorist if the vehicle can be proven to show it had a technology fault rather than driver error. However this can only happen if the data is shared with the insurance companies.

Where we are right now is at a turning point for driverless vehicles, the technology is there but too expensive and is still in the early stages of adoption, but by ensuring these issue are resolved from the outset then this could mean the prospect of owning an autonomous vehicle that much more attractive. Who even knows at this stage what it means for car insurance premiums.