Top 10 Related Christmas Car Gifts

With the nights getting longer, you will realise that Christmas is soon going to be on the cards. Only next month now! You may plan to go on long drives in the chilly weather in your car, or decide to treat your car this Christmas. Let us look at the top gifts for your car this Christmas here at U Drive Cover

  1. Winter Tyres

Yes this may seem too sensible, but with the harsher weather in the UK, winter tyres are a good accessory which can make all the difference from being able to actually drive your car in the ice and snow. Your car will thank you for it.

  1. iPad Tablet Holder

This is one of the best car accessories, which you can get, that is if you actually have an iPad to begin with that is. Good to get Google Maps up on the move, or for the family to watch a movie on Netflix while you are driving along.

  1. Winter Driving kit gift pack

Okay, not the most exciting, but de-icer, scrapers and antifreeze are essential for your car in winter, so why not get one as a gift?

  1. Travel Power Charger

These are essential these days with smartphone notoriously bad at keeping a charge, get one of these to keep on the move to ensure your sat-nav, phone and tablet can always be charged if need be.

  1. Back Seat Organizer

Great for water bottles, kid’s toys and other small travelling essentials. These may seem old fashioned but they never go out of fashion as they are really useful, especially if you only have a small car.

  1. Pet back seat protector

Ideal if you take the dog out and about. No more cat hair, or pet stains with one of these, simple and does the job.

  1. Headrest coat hanger

If you are travelling in winters and wearing coat, you may need coat hanger as driving is not possible with your coat put on. Coat hanger allows you to hang your coat without causing any wrinkles.

  1. Cup Drinks holder

During travelling, you may need a holder for your cups. You can enjoy drinking or sipping hot coffee and tea. Many new cars do come with them, bit so much on older models. Many cup holders just clip onto your car vent, simple but effective.

  1. Cordless LED light torch

Always useful to keep in the glovebox or the boot. Saves having to use battery life on your smartphone as well. Every car should have a torch.

 Mobile Phone Holder

Great simple gift which can turn your smartphone into a sat-nav for you, play music or position towards your passenger so they can watch a YouTube video.  A cheap and useful gift.



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