How to Cut Costs on Convicted Driver Insurance?

If you’ve committed a driving offense, you could pay a hefty price, mentally and financially, but doesn’t mean that you can’t get a reasonably priced convicted driver insurance cover. We specialize in a wide range of niche motoring markets including insurance for drivers with criminal and motoring convictions. Unlike our competition, we can offer competitive quotes to those convicted of serious driving offences such as drunk driving and other alcohol related offences.

Attaining driver related offences is quite easy in the UK, and fulfilling these convictions or totting up points on your license is probably even easier. But the same cannot be said for getting cheap convicted driver car insurance cover, and that’s where we can help. Regardless of your past motoring convictions, when you click to get an instant quote from us, you can rest assured that your mistakes will not warrant to sentence you to pay excruciating costs for convicted driver insurance cover.

Even if you were convicted of a minor offence or one that doesn’t have any bearing on your driving, most insurance companies simply won’t welcome you. Reason being that convicted drivers are more likely to be involved in car accidents hence are a big risk to insure. However, there are a few insurance providers that will entertain convicted drivers provided the conviction is not related to driving. For example, you may be able to get car insurance if you were convicted of robbery, but not drunk driving.

If you can’t seem to find convicted driver insurance, click here to get a quote almost instantly from the specialists. Take note that however daunting the experience of securing convicted driver insurance cover, you must have insurance to drive on UK roads. Adding to this and referring to the Continuous Insurance Enforcement (CIE), your vehicle must also be insured when not in use except if you have a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) certificate.

It is crucial to be upfront about your convictions when shopping for convicted driver insurance quotes and if they are unspent. Criminal convictions can be ignored after a certain period or become spent, which mostly depends on your sentence. Those who commit crimes under the age of 18 tend to have shorter unspent terms than adults, but there are some crimes that are extremely serious in nature that will never be spent regardless at what age they were committed.

There are several options for convicted drivers to secure car insurance and it’s quick and easy to see them by clicking here. Some mainstream car insurance companies provide cover for convicted drivers, while others may ask for referrals from mortgage lenders and banks as well as the HM Prison Service and Probation office to help with their decision. Insurance premiums could be higher for those convicted with a driving related offense than those with convictions not related to motoring.

Criminal convictions imposed during the course of an insurance policy do not have to be disclosed unless your policy explicitly mentions that you do. But you have to disclose any new convictions when your policy is due for renewal whether with your existing convicted driver insurance provider or a new insurer.

Once you’ve secured a convicted driver car insurance policy, there are several ways to cut costs on premiums, starting with raising your excess. Excess is the same as deductable, and is the portion you pay yourself in the event of a claim. For example, if your insurance policy states that your excess is £100, and if your claim is valued at £300, then you must pay £100 upfront to your insurer, and they will cover the remainder, £200 in this scenario.

You should also try to keep the excess amount within budget, and one that you will be able to fork out immediately in the event of an accident. Another tip to save money on convicted driver car insurance is to simply drive less, and you can further reduce costs by ensuring your vehicle is secure. This can be done by parking in a garage and installing an industry certified immobiliser and alarm. Lastly but highly recommended is to seek a telematics convicted driver insurance policy.

Sometimes referred to as black box insurance, telematics insurance is when your insurer installs a device in your vehicle to monitor your driving habits in an attempt to provide a cheaper unbiased premium. Telematic insurance premiums are often cheaper as they are based on the individual’s actual driving abilities rather than convictions and statistics. We believe we can get you a great convicted driver insurance quote, so stop looking in all the wrong places, when you could be driving today.