European Breakdown Cover

Many of us in the United Kingdom are now travelling around Europe in our cars, whether we are going camping in deepest darkest France or travelling to Belgium for a business trip. What happens if we break down though? Are we stranded? Do we have to deal with people that barely understand our Language? Are there high costs involved? With European Breakdown cover we don’t need to worry about any of these fears. All the main players in the breakdown cover market including Green Flag, The AA, and RAC now offer this as a separate policy, so what is it is all about, and more importantly how can it benefit us?

There are two main types of European Breakdown cover to begin with, one that only covers single trip (maximum of 5 days in general so it is worth reading the policy of your chosen provider) the second is more comprehensive and covers you for a year for all car travel throughout Europe. It sometimes does work out to buy the second package so it is worth looking into that for your longer stays on the continent.

Nearly all the main providers offer the same benefits with their European Breakdown Cover and therefore it makes sense to go with the one that currently offers your standard breakdown cover.

When you opt for European Breakdown cover you will always have a team of people on hand to assist you with your problem. That means you will no longer be trying to communicate with someone that cannot speak the language if you break down in Europe in order to get your problem fixed. This is one of the major benefits of European Breakdown cover.

As with standard cover if the problem cannot be fixed at the roadside (and generally it can) they will tow you to the nearest garage that can fix your problem. Without Breakdown cover in Europe you would be faced with trying to find a garage to collect you, whilst trying to get around the language barrier and then end up with huge towing costs to get your vehicle back to the UK. Not an ideal start to your holiday, just one small payment can get rid of all these negative aspects.

Some of the higher end policies will even take you and your car back to England, which is great if your car is unable to be repaired, you will still need to get home somehow. These policies will also provide you with accommodation or onwards travel for the evening, which is fantastic if you have gone on a little excursion and are a number of miles away from your accommodation.

With European Breakdown Cover travelling within Europe is a breeze, you won’t have the fear of what happens during a breakdown hanging over your head, just follow the same procedures as if you were at home, and bam! You will be sorted.

European Breakdown cover will stop you getting stopped short in Foreign Territory, the low cost means it’s a necessity if you are going on a road holiday abroad. You will thank yourself for purchasing cover if you break down, trust me.

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