Ex Company Car Insurance

You have arrived at this page if you have:

Purchased your company car

Do not have any no claims bonus

Previously had a company vehicle but are now buying your own

Have a lease vehicle provided by your company

Have a car provided to you by your company

If any above statements apply to you, we can help you get reasonable rates on ex company car insurance. In some instances, we can also help you with an introductory no claims bonus subject to your driving history and proof from your ex employer. Even if we can’t provide you with a startup no claims discount, and even if you’ve been involved in a claim, get in touch to see if we can help. We have a wealth of expertise in providing excellent rates for ex company car insurance, and even for clients that have not had their own driving record for a decade or more.

Ex company car insurance is a specially designed policy that is suited for individuals who’ve exited their previous driving job for a company. To add to this, ex company car insurance is extremely popular in the UK, and is also perfectly suited for individuals who’ve opted out of their company vehicle insurance policy. There are several ways in which customers can also be awarded with a no claims bonus, some of which are mentioned below.

Period of time the customer has been claim free

Age between 25 and 75 years

The company vehicle used exclsuively for household, entertainment and recreation purposes

Signed statement by the employer substantiating the term the employee used the vehicle, and when it ceased.

As an ex company car driver, it is important that you look in the right places for the best quote, and you can rest assured that we offer the right policy at a competitive price.

Most insurers consider up to five years for no claims bonus, even if it were built upon a company vehicle. The maximum no claims bonus results in lower ex company car insurance premiums by half or more. So you should definitely try to leverage the no claims discount earned on your company vehicle. Here are a few tips to get started.

Check your company’s insurance policy

Your company’s NCB in most cases is only transferable if you were a named driver on your company’s insurance policy for a specific vehicle, and that it was for your use only. For example, if your employer had a fleet of vehicles that were rotated between drivers, it will unlikely be grounds for a bonus. The vehicle must have been for your business as well as personal use.

Provide Proof of your No Claims History

You generally have to provide proof of your no claims bonus when switching insurers. While this process is same with a no claims bonus for ex company car insurance, most insurance companies will also accept written confirmation from your employer. This could be in the form of a letter printed on a company letterhead detailing your claims if any, the period you were insured for, and confirmation that you were the only driver insured on that particular vehicle.

Start Saving Money

If you already have this letter, click here to get an instant ex company car insurance quote. There are a few things to watch out for when shopping for ex company car insurance. For starters, some insurance companies may not accept a company car no claims bonus. Furthermore, many ex company car insurance companies will only insure individuals over the age of 25, with the exclusion of certain vehicles such as tractors, vans or taxis. If you’re over the age of 25 and looking for an affordable and quick ex company car insurance cover, get a quote now with just a few clicks.

So if you’re an ex company driver looking to insure a car in your own name for the first time, we make the process of securing the best ex company car insurance easy so get a quote and start building your personal driving record today!