Features and Benefits of Motor Home Insurance

As a motorhome owner, you get to enjoy the best of both worlds by combining the freedom to explore open country, and indulging in all the perks you would like you were at home. And just like your home, your motorhome must be well protected in case of the unpredictable. Getting a motorhome is in itself an expensive investment, and then add to it the fact that you will be transporting several others of your close family and friends and valuable belongings. Simply put, motorhome insurance policy is a foolproof way of safeguarding everything that everyone that is dear to you in case things go awry on the road.

A motorhome makes an adventurous holiday by allowing you to avoid costs and hassles associated with hotel costs and also not having to worry about where to stop and when. This is why it is important to get the right level of protection so that you can continue to enjoy these motorhome benefits for years on end. The first aspect to consider regardless of whether you’re hauling a motorhome or a horsebox is to ensure you are abiding by the law.

In case of motorhomes, UK Law states that motor homes whether big or small must be insured to be driven on UK roads and abroad. The penalties for not securing the right motorhome insurance cover can be stringent, and could range from having your vehicle confiscated to a fine or even jail term depending on the circumstances. Regardless of the penalty (s) you may face for not having valid motorhome insurance, perhaps the single and most important benefit of motorhome cover is peace of mind knowing that you are secured in case of damage or theft to your vehicle or damage and injury to 3rd parties caused by you.

No matter what we’re purchasing, the last thing we want to do is to pay for something we don’t need. Hence when shopping for motor home insurance, it is important to opt for just the features you need to help reduce costs of premiums. If you’re going to be travelling across the continent, you will need an additional layer of coverage to protect you when overseas. Just like getting regular car insurance, you can be rewarded with discounts should you maintain a flawless driving record.

There are several other ways in which you may receive motorhome discounts including being a member of a recognized caravanning club, installing theft and tracking devices in your motorhome, keeping your annual mileage down and avoiding young drivers on your policy. Getting motorhome insurance cover allows you enjoy several other benefits including roadside assistance, emergency expenses, towing charges, added protection for rooms and awnings and for travelling abroad.

A feature that is unique to motorhome cover is the new for old clause, which means that in the event your caravan is lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair, you will receive compensation as per the market value or in some cases as brand new. Getting a motorhome insurance policy is not an option, it is one of the basic essentials you need before even you set out on your outdoor excursion.