Are Ford Developing A Car With Google?

Reports suggest that conversations are ongoing at the top of Google and Ford right now to strike a deal to collaborate on a self-driving car. This could result in Ford building the car under contract for Google. Sources claim that a manufacturing deal between the two giants has been ongoing for some time.

Speaking to an industry paper, a Ford spokesperson stated that he would neither confirm nor deny the potential deal, stating: “We work with a lot of tech companies all over the world. We keep these discussions private for obvious competitive reasons and we do not comment on speculation.”

This was also mirrored at Google’s end with a spokesperson declining to comment on the speculation, however it has been on the record earlier in the year with Google co-founder Sergey Brin stating that the company was looking to partner up with manufacturers.

It is also interesting to note that former Ford boss Alan Mulally and the former Hyundai American Chief John Krafcik have joined Google recently with Mulally on Google’s board of directors whereas Krafcik is heading up the driverless car division project for the company.

Since Google has now split up their company into a newly company unit known as “Alphabet” this would lead the way for the m to create another offshoot of their brand as a joint venture to concentrate solely on development and also allow them to open up lines with other car manufacturers. This would also benefit Ford in enabling them to use this technology in their own model lineup in the future. Exciting to see if the deal comes off being that Ford is still one of the most iconic and best loved automakers in the world. Would be interesting to see if you could get a driverless Ford Focus ST in the future powered by Google, maybe that would lower your company car insurance? One can dream..