French fuel crisis – What does this mean for us?

A quarter of France’s petrol stations are running low on fuel, causing Brits traveling in the country to run on fumes for their journey.

According to recent research, British motorists travelling in France are calling their breakdown insurance providers every nine minutes after running out of fuel! The mounting problem is a consequence of the on-going fuel crisis in the country.

With the continued fuel shortage affecting France, breakdown company Green Flag has stated it is responding to 14 per cent more fuel related breakdowns than what they usually expect at this time of year. It is also predicting a 53 per cent rise in breakdowns from motorists travelling in France ahead of the bank holiday weekend. Which may put many off travelling over this extremely busy time.

With over 40 per cent of petrol stations in France now affected by the fuel shortage, motorists have been hit with essentially war-time rations on fuel, with many stations imposing  limit capped at 20-litres.

Candace Gerlach spokesperson at Green Flag, went on the record to say: “With limited supplies of fuel available, those planning their trip to France will need to plan their journey carefully and think about fuel economy. While there is some fuel available, the amount being distributed is being limited per driver. 

“For those drivers that have a long journey ahead it’s worth keeping to roads were there are plenty of fuel stations along the route. Anyone contemplating carrying extra fuel in their vehicle should check with their ferry company or Eurostar before their journey.”

The fuel crisis erupted after trade unions and the government locked horns. The trade union is protesting against new labour reforms, and has organised blockades around oil refineries and depots, restricting supply to fuel stations around the country. Until a satisfactory conclusion is reached between the trade union and the government this could go on for some time. 

Trade union leader Philippe Martinez has stated the protests will continue until the labour legislation, which the CGT union says favours businesses over workers, is withdrawn.