Grey Import Car insurance

In recent years, there has been a surge of interest in imported vehicles, most of them high performance sports cars sourced from foreign countries such as Japan. If you own such a vehicle or are just about ready to invest in one, get a non-obligatory grey import insurance quote now to protect your investment. There are two types of import categories – parallel car imports and grey car imports. Vehicles that are imported from countries within the European Union are classified as parallel imports, and cars that are sourced from outside the European Union such as the United States and Japan are classified under the grey car import category.

Grey Import Car insurance

Although grey import vehicles have to comply with UK Road directives, it is important to understand that insurance for these vehicles works slightly differently. The big difference between traditional vehicle insurance and grey car import insurance is the cost in premiums, which is mainly due the level of modification of the vehicle. It can be hard to find grey import insurance, but with a wealth of expertise in this category, we might be able to get you the right level of cover at the right price.

Another reason you may find grey import insurance cover to be slightly higher than conventional UK vehicles is the fact that it can be harder and expensive to get replacement parts, making them more costlier to repair in the event of an accident. Adding to this, owing to the higher than normal specifications increases the likelihood of a crash, and the fact that some vehicles in the grey import category may not be constructed to European standards such as left hand drive vehicles. While we do insure left hand drive vehicles the same as right hand drive vehicles, it is important to get a quote now to see how much you can expect to pay for grey import insurance cover.

Before you buy a snazzy sports car or a reliable run around, you should be prepared to pay a higher than normal price for grey import insurance. Other specifications of grey car imports that might boost the cost of insurance premiums include but not limited to suspension, weight, power, output and electronic systems. Japanese vehicles particularly fit the bill of higher performance specs hence they attract higher costs in insurance cover.

When you do get a quote from us for grey import or parallel import car insurance, we will have you test the vehicle under the Single Vehicle Approval Scheme. Vehicles that pass this test are issued with a MAC (Minister’s Approval Certificate). In addition to this, you must provide all the details of the grey import or parallel import vehicle you own are about to buy. It is easier to get parallel import insurance than grey import car insurance this segment of motor vehicles generally meets the standards of UK vehicles.

How to Reduce Costs of Imported Car Insurance? 

As always, there are a few things you can do to lower the cost of insurance premiums. First, consider installing industry certified safety devices such as alarms, wheel locks and tracking systems. In most instances, agreeing to pay a higher excess might also lower the cost of grey car insurance premiums provided you are a safe driver. Sometimes referred to as deductible, excess is the amount you pay upfront when you make a claim. You can also trim costs of grey car import insurance by driving your vehicle occasionally, responsibly and sensibly, which will also add up to your no claims discount. Avoid adding named drivers to your policy especially young drivers as this may indirectly boost insurance premiums.

Furthermore, park your import vehicle in a safe spot such as a garage or well lit areas as these types of vehicles are generally more vulnerable to theft. Finally, the less modifications done to a vehicle, the easier it is for insurers to determine the cost of grey car import insurance. If you’re looking to insure your grey import vehicle, we can definitely try to get you the best deal on just the right level of insurance cover.