More than half of UK cars to be driverless by 2041

Kia has predicted with extensive research that by the year 2041, more than half of the cars on the UK’s roads will be driverless. Tye also added that it predicts that the amount of cars on the road that will be able to communicate with each other will be a huge 8 million. Not just cars either, but the vehicles will also be able to communicate with their surroundings such as traffic lights and other wireless devices.

Kia have made some bold claims as to how this will work in reality and the infrastructure required to do so. It has been suggested that we could start to see dedicated lanes for autonomous driving. This will mean that they will be able to communicate with the actual road. This could be to so the car in question could slow down over potholes or avoid pedestrians and other hazards that they could encounter throughout.

What could these mean to your car insurance premiums? Well there is a suggestion from the RAC that they could well become irrelevant as vehicles would be able to communicate with each other to avoid collisions, accidents and any conflict on the road.

Kia’s report was published with insights from Dr Frank Shaw from the Kent Centre of future studies. This is a man hailed as being in the top ten of influential thinkers by TIME magazine. So we can expect he has more insights than the majority of us in this matter. This is certainly an exciting time for the motor industry and is on the threshold of a major turning point.