High Performance Car Insurance

High performance cars are a joy to drive, but not at the cost of sky high insurance premiums. Just because you own one, doesn’t mean you should be penalized for it.  Buying a high performance vehicle is a costly affair in itself, and then add to that the costs of maintenance, and top it off with overwhelming car insurance premiums. Here at U Drive Cover we look at things from a different perspective, and consider the fact that not all high performance car owners are young drivers, but more than a staggering 60% are over the age of 30.

For many, owning a sports car is a dream come true, which is why they are more likely to cherish it by driving it fairly, and using an alternative vehicle for daily use. Even if you’re seeking young driver high performance car insurance, we will be able to give you a quote based on your individual driving record rather than the vehicle so get an instant quote in just a few clicks. The tips highlighted below will serve as a checklist to cut costs on high performance car insurance cover.

There are a few cars that may not have the snazzy characteristics of a traditional sports car, but are still classified under the high performance car category. For example, a family four door sedan from Japan may be classified as a high performance vehicle owing to the fact that is has higher specifications under the hood than its European counterparts.

Whether you’re buying a traditional family vehicle or a high performance sports car, it is important to determine its category to avoid any disappointments when taking out high performance car insurance cover. To add to this, modified vehicles or those built from a kit may also incur increased premium costs of high performance car insurance so if you have a vehicle in mind that fits this bill, get an instant affordable quote and get behind the wheel today!

When a vehicle is modified in any way, you not only in most cases void the manufacturer’s warranty, but also pay increased high performance car insurance simply because insurance companies are unable to gauge the real power under the hood. This may include modifications to both the exterior and interior such as roof spoiler, alloy wheels and even bucket seats. When you alter the original specifications of the vehicle, insurers believe that the safety of the vehicle has been compromised, which increases the chances of a crash.

Considering that an insurance company is unable to check the quality of the modified parts used, they generally go with their own judgement and err on the side of caution. Sometimes even simple cosmetic amendments may result in higher insurance premiums simply because your car may be more appealing to vandalism and theft.

Bottom line is that before you invest in a modified vehicle or are anticipating any changes in the near future, you will need to be prepared to pay hefty high performance car insurance premiums. However, not all modified vehicles will attract higher insurance premiums so it is best to get a quick quote just to be certain of the price you’ll pay in insurance premiums.  If you must make alterations to your vehicle, it is recommended that you discuss any such plans with your insurance company immediately to understand how it will affect your insurance premiums.

To save on young driver high insurance cover, you can take the Pass Plus course, which will add a few more stars to your driving record. This course is administered by the Institute of Advanced Motorists, and helps you improve your overall driving skills. By achieving this qualification, you can cut costs on high performance car insurance cover by up to 35%. If you’ve already passed this course, this is the perfect time to apply its merit to your car insurance cover so click here to see if we can help!

Furthermore, you can greatly reduce costs of car insurance by simply driving in moderation, especially if you have a high performance car. The less you drive will result in lower premiums, and you will also save costs on regular wear and tear and fuel. For a high performance car insurance policy that won’t break the bank, get an instant quote and start saving today!