Land Rover Defender Is No More

Now we are are big fans here of the Land Rover Defender, I am sure many will have shed a tear today regarding the last Defender rolling off the production line. The last one rolled off the production line today and was reportedly sold at auction for £400,000! A classic car for sure right there.

Two million have been produced since way back in 1948 and have been exported all around the world since. They are arguably one of the most recognisable vehicles on the planet, and don’t forget that this is a car which is classless. It isn’t like a Jaguar or a Mercedes where only people with a fair chunk of cash can actually buy one. The defender can be found all over the world from classic car enthusiasts to farmers in Brazil and even to Her Majesty The Queen who has been pictured on many occasions driving her model. What other cars of this day and age can you say that about?

This also breaks a record of the longest running production car in the world, spanning nearly 50 years! It is believed that 70% of all models ever produced are still on the road today. When you look at other cars of the same era this statistic is simply staggering and goes to show the enduring love for the Land Rover Defender.

A replacement model is due soon in December, but that will be more emission friendly and frankly a whole new vehicles which is expected to share only the name and not the same DNA as the outgoing model. What this means is that the prices for the old outgoing model will remain high and even potentially become a good investment as a classic car as even now they hold their value extremely well when compared to other 4×4’s and SUV’s out on the market. Whether this drives up car insurance prices for parts and spares remains to be seen.

We will miss you Defender but you won’t be forgotten.