Learner Drivers Car Insurance – Is it Worth it?

Learning to drive is a thrilling experience yet an expensive one! You will need to pay for professional driving lessons as well as learner driver’s car insurance, which is not cheap especially for young drivers. The reason car insurance premiums are sky high for those new to the wheel is because they are noted as being more inclined to get involved in an accident and make a claim.

When you’re learning to drive, “enter business name” provides flexible cover in case of accidents, and while you gain experience on the road so get a quote today!

The steep costs of learner drivers insurance even before you take the tests is discouraging and frustrating, but there are some things you can do to try and keep costs down. According to insurance companies, learner drivers are generally combinations of young and inexperienced teens, which is an expensive combination with regards to insurance cover. Good news is that if you’ve enrolled for driving classes from a recognized driving school, the costs of learner drivers insurance, lessons and fuel are included in the package.

Driving schools generally provide 47 hours of professional tuition, which is the bare minimum needed to pass the test, but is that enough? Not quite and according to the Driving Standards Agency, new drivers should practice for an additional 20 hours over and what they’ve been allocated by their driving school. And you will need a valid learner’s driver car insurance should you wish to practice in your own car, a relative or friends vehicle.

You can however avoid costs of learner drivers insurance by simply having your parents name you in their insurance policy, but this may tack on an additional 20% to 200% onto their existing premium. Not to mention, any accident you get into will literally jeopardise your parent’s insurance record including their no claims bonus. As a named driver, there is also no opportunity to build your own no claims bonus.

To help you gain extra practice on the road, many insurance companies offer learner driver cover insurance, which generally provide comprehensive cover so that you can comfortably practice in yours or someone else’s vehicle. This type of insurance cover offers great flexibility and makes it easier to hone your driving skills at your pace. Furthermore, anyone that is over the age of 25 that has help a full UK driver’s licence for a minimum of three years can take you out for a spin or vice versa.

Another notable perk of learner driver car insurance cover is earning a discount on a standard insurance policy once you’ve passed the driving test provided you stick with the same insurance firm, and do not have any claims on record. Get a quote from us and see if indeed a learner’s driver car insurance cover is something that fits in with your budget.


We specialize in offering learner driver car insurance at a great price and understand that this type of insurance is expensive, which is why we provide you with an insurance policy packed with benefits. With our learner driver insurance cover also referred to as short term top up insurance, you can get some extra private practice in your own or someone else’s car.

That’s not all, once you’ve decided upon the level of cover you need, your learner driver policy can be activated online for short term periods ranging from a week up to 5 months. It is important to note that a learner driver’s policy covers you in case of any damage to the vehicle and others and only serves as a top up cover. The owner of the vehicle must have his/her own insurance cover in order to preserve their no claims bonus in the event of a claim.

If you’ve purchased your own vehicle, we can provide you with an annual insurance policy where you can start earning your no claims bonus, and cut costs on future insurance premiums. Driving lessons can cost an arm and a leg and if you need more than 47 hours of hands on practice, they will definitely prove to be costlier choice. So why not take out learner driver insurance cover for as little or long as you see fit, and practice in a vehicle belonging to your relative or friend.

Considering the average cost of driving lessons is £1400, which for 47 hours works out to £30 per hour, then the cost of an extra 20 hours of tuition. Now that you’ve got the math down pat, get an instant learner driver’s car insurance from us to see if you’d be saving more practicing with your own learner driver’s insurance cover or paying for driving lessons!