Meet the new 2016 AMG C63 Mercedes C-class Coupe

Mercedes has just unveiled the highly anticipated 2016 AMG C63 Coupe ahead of its official launch at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show in September. The 2016 couple is distinct from its non-AMG counterparts, and the only elements shared with its regular C-class models are the doors, boot lid and roof. The new AMG C63 is the fourth entry into the C-Class range, and is set to arrive in showrooms in 2016. Just don’t expect cheap car insurance premiums with this new Merc!

Powered by a twin0turbo V-8, the 2016 C63 AMG Coupe showcases a more upscale design language both inside and out, and is rich in cutting edge technology. It borrows the C-Class sedan’s aggressive appearance, and puts it into an elegant and sleeker coupe body. It boasts all the attributes of a modern day muscle car complete with slimmer taillights to make it much more pronounced than a traditional C-Class coupe.

Other styling cues that set the C63 AMG C-Class coupe are a rear bumper that is appointed with an aerodynamic diffuser, larger wheels set on meatier tires, vertical air outlets on the back, quadruple exhaust pipes and wider fenders. The Mercedes C63 AMG coupe is full of surprises at least when compared to its sedan sibling. Unlike the previous variant that was simply a two door version of the sedan, the new model is actually 2.6” wider at the rear and 2.5” wider at the front than its four door sibling.

This not only helps the 2016 C63 AMG coupe with its aggressive look, but also boosts its performance tremendously on the track. Sharing the same platform as the upcoming GLC crossover, C-Class sedan and the next generation E-Class, the C-Class enjoys access to an extensive bin of hardware and electronic bits including assistance and telematics systems that go beyond one would expect from this class. Just like its four door sibling, the AMG C63 coupe will be powered by a minor iteration of the same twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V-8 of the AMG GT.

The engine of the C63 AMG coupe will deliver a maximum of 476bhp and 479ft of torque, allowing the vehicle to sprint from 0-62mph in an astounding 4.0 seconds. If that’s enough, you can always opt for the other wilder version – the AMG C-63 S coupe, which will bring in 503bhp and 516ft lb of torque, and reach 0.62mph in just 3.9 seconds. In addition, drivers of the C63 AMG 2016 coupe will have four driving modes to choose from sport+, ecosport, with an individual setting and a new racing mode for the AMG C63 S coupe.

With regards to the interior of the 2016 AMG C63 coupe, it is identical to the C-Class coupe, meaning that you can expect the same gorgeous cabin that was first designed by Mercedes for the 2015 C-Class sedan. Some of the distinct design cues of the Mercedes 2016 AMG 2016 coupe include 12 o’clock stripe on the AMG-badged steering wheel, custom instrument cluster, Dinamica man-made leather for the standard seats and an AMG Dynamic Select switch.