Mighty Ford Mustang Selling Well in the UK

After 50 years of simply watching Ford deliver new Mustang models consistently in North America, UK Mustang enthusiasts can finally claim one of the iconic pony cars. And while UK Ford will offer the all new Mustang in three engine choices – a V-6, Turbo Four, and the mighty Mustang Fastback V-8, most UK buyers are opting for the 5.0-litre V8 petrol engine. In terms of numbers, Ford UK claims it has taken roughly 2000 orders since January, and 70 percent of buyers are opting for the V-8, leaving the remaining 30 percent with the 2.3 liter, 313 bhp EcoBoost variant. Start saving up for your modified insurance now!

Adding to this, Ford UK has also confirmed that out of the 70 percent opting for the V-8 variant of the new Ford Mustang, most of them are choosing the coupe body style rather than the convertible. Furthermore, most Mustang buyers in the UK prefer the six speed manual gearbox compared to 45 percent opting for the six speed automatic.

With regards to color, Race Red has won the hearts of one quarter of customers, while Shadow Black and Magnetic Silver coming in at the next best choices. And in terms of interior, Ebony Black works well for 75 percent of UK Mustang buyers compared to Dark Saddle (brown) and Ceramic (Grey). In terms of further customization options, a £1,795 custom pack is available and has been added to more than 1000 UK Mustangs, which brings a range of features including a rear view camera, cooled and heated front seats, satellite navigation, exterior detailing upgrades, and a 12-speaker Shaker Pro sound system.

In an effort to cater to the global market, the all new Ford Mustang will for the first time feature an independent rear suspension, and made available in right hand drive. The clutch of the new Ford Mustang is weighty as expected, but the gearshift feels extremely slick. A GT Performance Pack is available for all Mustangs sold in the UK, which brings in 19 inch wheels, retuned suspension, superior cooling and Brembo front brake calipers.

Ford UK claims the Mustang can sprint from 0-60 mph in roughly 4.5 seconds, which definitely justifies its extra £4000 cost over the 30,000 2.3 liter Mustang. And if you want the convertible V-8 Mustang, simply add another £4000! The new Ford Mustang is not a small car, and the extra weight of the V-8 engine can be felt through the nose. But even with this added weight, the new Ford Mustang is able to deliver superb performance and ride handling.

One of the areas that could use some improvement is the steering wheel response, but it is engineered to be in line with a comfortable GT. Just like its predecessors, the cabin of the new Ford Mustang is feature rich with several gadgets and gismos, and a few plastic components as well. First deliveries of the Ford Mustang are expected to be starting from November 2015, leaving you with enough time to get your hands on one!