The New Ford Focus RS is nearly here

Owing to pressure from close rivals such Mercedes and Audi, Ford has just released the 2016 Ford Focus and good news is that’s it’s a four wheel drive. Engineers at the company’s auto division have equipped the new vehicle with a top of the line four wheel drive system for optimum traction, class leading performance and speed that exceeds 315bhp. The car will be powered by Mustang borrowed 2.3 liter Ecoboost four banger, and although its basic structure remains the same, the heads of the cylinder have been upgraded and the cylinder block liners are tighter.

It is also appointed with a larger bore exhaust and an altered intake design to help the vehicle breathe without constraints. In addition, the turbo’s been enhanced with a larger compressor and mated with a bigger and robust intercooler. With regards to enhancements, the 2016 Ford Focus RS will feature a bigger radiator for overall cooling of the vehicle. According to Ford, the expected output of the vehicle will be roughly 316bhp and will be connected with a six speed manual gearbox complete with an all new clutch, and one that is beefier than the Mustang to keep up with the increased torque. We will say now though, that young driver insurance may be an issue with this performance machine.

Good news for ozone conscious Ford RS buyers, the new Ford RS will achieve a 20% drop in carbon dioxide emissions compared to its predecessor. The most notable feature of the new all wheel drive system is in the way it shuffles its torque around and shifts power from front to rear. That’s not all, the rear axle of the all new Ford Focus can also vary its torque from side to side, which is dominated by the dual electronically managed clutch sets on each side of the unit. When the driver makes a turns, torque is streamed to the rear outer wheel, which according to Ford literally eliminates understeer.

The all new Ford Focus is not just built for looks, it will neatly and comfortably corner at 1g. This car is bound to upset the likes of the Mercedes AMG, 4wd apple cart and the upcoming Audi RS3. In terms of suspension, the new 2016 Ford Focus will showcase a firmer one complete with excellent tuning for the bushes, spring rates and anti-roll bars. The dampers boast two adjustable modes, with the firmer of the two designed to be used on the track. The entire model is set on an exclusively developed 9-inch alloys and 235/25 Michelins, and if that’s not good enough to satisfy your track desires, you can always opt for Michelin Pilot Sport Cups.

Just like most other Ford models, the new Ford Focus is a global vehicle and designed for global markets including China, Australia and North America. Ford has yet to confirm the pricing and on-sale dates at the Geneva Motor Show, but the UK automobile market is claimed to be the biggest for the company after the US. Officials indicate the new Ford Focus will be affordably priced with a tag of roughly £30,000.

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