Norway to ban all petrol cars by 2025

Norway has stated that they are looking to ban all fossil fuelled cars within the next ten years, this is

in line with their plan to become one of the world’s most progressive countries from an ecological

standpoint in the coming years. Politicians in the country on both sides of the political spectrum

have agreed upon all Norwegian cars will run on Green energy by 2025.


If this does indeed come to pass it would marks a truly significant change due to the fact that

Norway relies heavily on the petroleum industry for its economy. The same report also discusses

that Norway will be the first country in the world to fully commit to zero deforestation. This move

jumps the gone by the Labour Party’s proposal that no new fossil-fuelled cars should be sold in the

UK by 2030.


As it currently stands Norway has a large proportion of its existing car network running at 24% on

electricity, and is a big producer of renewable energy. They are also proposing to triple its existing

capacity of wind power by 2020 as they had a $3bn investment in this area approved back in 2013.

What does a country with 100% of all its cars running on electricity mean for other countries?


Sometimes it only takes one for others to follow. Not to mention the costs of running a car in this

setup. This could mean lower tax on vehicles and even lower car insurance premiums for the


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