When should you Obtain Temporary Car Insurance?

No matter what level of cover you choose, a motor insurance policy generally runs for one year, but what if you need cover for less than 12 months? There may be instances where you are just borrowing your friend’s vehicle for the weekend or sharing the driving task with them on a long trip or even loaning your car to a relative for the next few days. As a solution for the above instances, most motorists simply become named drivers or name a driver on their existing insurance policy, but this could jeopardise the no claims discount in the event a claim is initiated.

Short term car insurance or temporary car insurance is a viable solution because cover can be obtained for a single day up to 28 days, which ensures that you only pay for what you need. You can also rest assured that any claims made on the additional temporary insurance policy will not affect the no-claims bonus and not attract any hike in insurance premiums. Useful if you are a young driver and just need some car insurance temporarily. One the notable features of temporary car insurance is that it can be obtained almost instantly and conveniently so that you can drive away immediately.

You might seek short term insurance if you have a loner vehicle or if you’ve borrowed one to move house.  Temporary insurance is generally available to motorists between the ages of 18 and 75, but some insurers ask that you be at least over the age of 21. Approval of temporary insurance is not guaranteed and varies from insurer to insurer.

There are several reasons for rejection including a high number of points on your licence, previous driving convictions, poor claim history or anything that is regarded as a bigger risk. Furthermore, you typically have to possess a full UK license, but we can also extend coverage to provisional license holders and EU license holders. A perfect example of short term insurance or temporary insurance is the type of cover provided by car rental agencies, where the cost of premiums is included in the cost of the rental or is over and above.

Temporary insurance policies also prove useful if you’re teaching someone to drive in your own vehicle, where the last thing you’d want to do is risk your no claims bonus especially if the individual is in possession of a provisional license. Parents may be interested in a temporary insurance policy for a daughter or son returning from school for the holidays who will be using the family vehicle. We offer temporary car insurance for a variety of vehicles so get an instant quote today.

When you obtain a temporary car insurance policy, making a claim will not in way affect the annual policy of the vehicle owner as it is independent of any other coverage you or anyone else may have. Moreover, temporary car insurance acts as a safety net, but also protects your loved ones in the event you end up in an unexpected accident where severe damage is caused. Unfortunately, there are several motorists who ignore the fact that collisions can happen in any vehicle, anywhere and anytime, and lending or using someone else’s vehicle doesn’t eliminate the possibility of any type of risk.

Temporary car cover keeps you prepared for any unexpected bad day, and some insurers even offer a wide range of benefits included in the cost of premiums. These perks may include roadside assistance and towing, which is often referred to as an uninsured loss recovery policy. You may however want to investigate your temporary car insurance policy should you wish to drive abroad. Although EU cover may be standard, it may be at the bare legal minimum, which is equivalent to third party insurance only.

Insures will be more than happy to provide you with cover to drive around the continent, but this may attract higher premiums. Our temporary car insurance policies are an affordable way to insure someone else to drive your vehicle or you to drive another car or minivan between 1 and 28 days. Sharing a car with a friend, borrowing your parent’s vehicle or seeking a test drive, we’ve got you covered so get a temporary insurance quote now!

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