Pokémon Go on the increase behind the wheel

As we are all aware Pokémon Go has swept the nation is the last month with its augmented reality based game, we have seen the public blindly walking around staring at their phone trying to capture the latest Pokémon character. This has now led to Pokémon Go users playing the game behind the wheel. Police have stopped two motorists within two days of each other both in Essex whilst driving along. One of the drivers stated that they were looking around for Pokéstops which is where players can pick up items for their game. The other driver was stopped as it was driving along the road at very low speeds with no lights on. The police have now gone on record stating the dangers of driving while distracted. Since its release in the UK earlier this month, Pokémon Go has taken the country by storm.

But the RAC is urging motorists to remain vigilant labelling it a ‘no go when driving’, while also keeping an eye out for Poké-playing pedestrians.

There have been reports of people walking into roads, getting into car accidents and being robbed whilst distracted by the need to find Pokémon.

I think your car insurance company would take a dim view if you had a prang whilst playing Pokémon. So stay safe and keep tow eyes on the road.

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