Repeat offenders could be banned from high powered cars

A leading transport minister has made a bid to look into banning motorists with multiple convictions on their licence from using high-powered cars.

Andrew Jones the MP stated that he would push forward the proposal first voiced by the DUP’s Jim Shannon. This would mean it would ban drivers that have multiple convictions from hiring a car with a capacity bigger than a two litre engine.

During the commons transport questions, Mr Shannon said for the record: Would the secretary of state agree that anyone with points on their licence that would indicate a number of offences should be excluded from rental cars above a two-litre engine?

“Would he consider co-operation with the policing and insurance boards on this issue?”

Mr Jones replied: “He makes a very interesting point. I don’t think we can necessarily exclude people from a marketplace, but of course all the rental companies do have access to a driver’s records, I will take that idea forward.”

Could this be a start of something bigger? As we know it is already very difficult for motorists with convictions to even get insured on a high powered vehicle, specialist brokers such as ourselves here at U Drive Cover can help with convicted driver insurance. However the general insurer will not wish to take the risk. Also it is worth bearing in mind that there are many vehicles now which are under the two-litre threshold which are extremely fast. It is a bit of a misnomer to assume that it is only cars over two litres that have any power.