Shell & PayPal Launch Smartphone App for Filling Up

Drivers filling up on petrol and not gas can pay at the pump in the UK with their smartphone. To make this possible, Shell UK has partnered with payment processor titan PayPal and will allow this service at participating Shell service stations across the UK. This payment solution or Shell Motorist App will be available on Android and iOS to begin with, and availability planned for Windows phones in the near future. Shell claims that the app is easy to use with just a few simple steps once it’s paired successfully with your PayPal account.

Drivers arrive at the pump, open the app and select the option “Fill Up and Go”.  They then choose their desired amount to refuel and scan the QR code at the pump. The driver is then presented with a “Start Fueling” message, after which he/she can leave the phone in the vehicle and begin refueling. The pump will stop automatically stop once your selected amount is reached, and good news is that if you refuel less than that amount, you will only be charged for what you’ve pumped. The app provides users with receipts and transaction history, and Shell Drivers’ Club loyalty points are also awarded and displayed in the app.

This service although fairly new will eventually make its way to most of the 1000 Shell service stations in the UK, with the company expecting at least half or more in the country to offer this service by the end of the summer. The Shell Motorist App was initially tried in 2013, where the company piloted the service and invited Shell Drivers’ Club customers in April this year. Retail marketing manager at Shell – Mike Hominick states that the company has listened to its customers and is sure that they will benefit from this app/service. Further, Mike states that customers will now enjoy the flexibility of paying for their fuel without having to leave their vehicle.

Adding to this, those who wish to make in-store purchases of other items can still do so only with the benefit of reduced queues. Director or retail commerce at PayPal UK – Rob Harper stated that this partnership with Shell is one step forward towards the day when you can leave your wallet at home and simply pay with your mobile phone. But take note that Shell still prohibits use of mobile devices in their forecourts so the Shell Motorist App is only to be used in your vehicle.

The company claims that it is safe to use a mobile phone from within a parked stationary vehicle in a forecourt so basically this new payment solution is in line with Shell’s current policy. Shell has also worked with the London Fire Brigade to seek their approval of the safety of the use of this payment solution on their forecourts. And they’ve given the heads up that the Shell Motorist App is indeed safe to use. What next a specific app to renew your car insurance?