Tesla Model 3 Preorders A Resounding Success

Over the last few months it has been an incredibly bust time for Tesla. With the unveiling of its gamechanger new model the ‘Model 3’ which is designed to appeal to the general public with a price point to match and a revamp to the model ‘S’, they wont be slowing down anytime soon.

So what does the Model 3 mean for the company? Well with reservations exceeding expectation with 325,000 in the first week alone we can expect a car unlike any other we have seen before.

With a range in excess of 240 miles on a single charge and a price of approximately $35,000 and potentially cheaper here in Europe – this is the car designed to put Tesla on the map. This is a car without a traditional instrument cluster, which has been in every car since the dawn of the combustion engine, think of it more of a central tablet controlling the vehicle’s every move.

One criticism of the model ‘3’ at its unveiling this month was steering wheel looked like a complete afterthought. Thankfully the company’s founder Elon Musk has gone on the record stating that that was just for the prototype and for the released version we can expect a steering wheel akin to something found on a spaceship. Not that we are aware of steering wheels in spaceships by the way.

What does this mean for the automotive industry we wonder? Well Tesla aren’t going away and with the huge investment they have made with their Gigafactory which is a battery cell facility, we can only expect more bold and big new ideas to come to the fore to challenge the existing automotive industry and indeed the infrastructure around that such as the way we view a car such as car insurance, maintenance and no relying on petrol and diesel. We are looking forward to this with interest.