Third Party warranty cover to be available for the first time in the UK

A first of its kind extended warranty cover for electric vehicles was just introduced by WarrantyWise. This is good news for electric car owners in the UK as most of their manufacturer’s warranties are going to expire soon. Electricity powered vehicles have received a surge of appeal in recent years owing to their zero emission powertrains, quite rides, smooth drivability and low running costs.

With over 10,000 vehicles being sold ever since its inception, the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV hails as the most popular electric car, with several other manufacturers adding to the success of electric vehicles including the Nissan Leaf, BMW i3, Tesla Model S and Renault Zoe. WarrantyWise is hoping to put the repair anxiety associated with electric vehicles to rest considering that repair work and replacement costs are considerable higher on complex electric vehicles compared to diesel and petrol engine cars.

Lawrence Whittaker – CEO of WarrantyWise says that the company has offered support for electric vehicles for a very long time, and have performed extensive research with regards to parts and replacement costs of electric vehicles. This research has revealed that there is a massive need and market for extended warranty for electric vehicles. With regards to costs of the WarrantyWise extended warranty cover for electric vehicles, plans start at £55 per month, but this does not cover costs associated with complex and expensive electric car batteries as electric car customers can opt for extended warranty for their battery provided by manufacturers.

Why buy an Electric Vehicle?

Although a relatively new concept in the automotive sector, electric vehicles have become increasingly popular, with some manufacturers even offering hybrid models that work on both electricity and gas. Gas powered vehicles emit a significantly high level of carbon into our natural atmosphere resulting in greenhouse gases and pollution. Electric cars are an ultimate solution to help curb this issue, and some countries even offer government subsidies for your environmentally conscious efforts.

There are several electric car models to choose from, but only 27 of them qualify for government grants in the UK. The widespread appeal of electric powered vehicles has resulted in 3000 or more charging stations across the UK, where the cost of power replenishment equates to just 2p per mile. Some of the perks of investing in an Electric car in the UK include free entry to London’s congestion zone, and the government’s contribution of £5000 towards the purchase of a new electric vehicle.

The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is Britain’s best selling electric car, with over 10,000 sales in 2014 alone. Larry Wood of Hummingbird motors claims that most of his clientele are businesses, for whom the main appeal is the discounted car tax rather than the capital costs of electric vehicles. The government now claims that there are over 7000 charging points in the UK, which are spread across 3000 locations and 500 being fast chargers that can replenish 50% of power in less than 20 minutes.

With WarrantyWise offering extended electric car warranty, and the government perks for plug in vehicles, electric cars are definitely worth exploring.