Top 5 winter driving tips

As we all know the weather has been nothing short of grim here in the UK since the start of the year, driving in winter can be dangerous, time consuming and fraught with issues. Read on for our top driving tips this winter.

  1. Don’t even drive. Yes I know this goes against type a bit here, but if the weather conditions are that bad do you really want to be out on the road? The safest option is to either rearrange plans so you don’t have to leave the house or use public transport.
  2. Prepare your car. One of the biggest issues here in the UK is that many drivers do not prep their car adequately enough when the bad weather hits. Ensure that your car has been demisted and deiced before you drive anywhere. Make sure you have spare snacks and water in the boot just in case the worst happens as well.
  3. Keep a full tank. Driving safely is just as important as ensuring that you maintain your car throughout the bad weather. It is advised that you keep at least a half a tank of fuel at all times as moisture from the cold air can cause freezing within the fuel tank which then leads to problems with starting your car. Keeping a full tank ensures that your engine remains in good working order throughout.
  4. Have the right tyres. This is what keeps your car on the road and is essential that your tyres are up to the job on an icy slick road in winter. It is recommended that you have at least 3mm worth of tread on all tyres in the cold climate otherwise your car may struggle to grip properly. Alternatively if you do more mileage it may well be worth investing in a set of winter tyres. Some car insurance companies even advise this in certain areas.
  5. Dress code. Yes even though you are in the warm climate of your car, it is recommended that you have enough winter wear as if you were going for a walk in the bad weather. The reason for this? Well if you breakdown then your heating may not work and you will most definitely need to keep warm