The most unlikely things that can actually Increase your Car Insurance

You may want to put stickers on your vehicle if you’re a Metallica fan or even if you’d like to proclaim your love for God, but did you know that this could void your car insurance? This just happened to 75 year old reverend Wena Parry, who was given 10 days by her insurance company to explain why they weren’t informed about the stickers on her vehicle when she made a claim, and her policy may be declared void. Age UK Insurance company said in a letter that these types of modifications are not in line with their acceptance policy for motor insurance, and they would have denied cover if they had know about the stickers when the policy was purchased.

Although in this case, the payout was granted, there are several other things that could void your cover, some of which are listed below.

Credit Report – insurers can check your credit report when deciding whether they should offer you a policy, and use this information to decide if you’re eligible to pay via monthly direct debit. Your entire financial history is detailed on your credit report and according to insurers, a low score could limit your options to make monthly payments on your insurance policy.

Changing Jobs – this could have an impact not only on the price of your premium, but also if you’re eligible to make a claim. It is important to keep your insurer informed on any changes in your occupation while your policy is active. Different jobs have different risks and they are rated accordingly by insurers. Adding to this, in the event you make a claim and your job has changed without informing your insurer could result in a void policy.

Taking a Speed Awareness Course – taking a speed awareness course is not always a good thing and some insurers may ask for the results, which could affect your premium negatively.

When you’re not at Fault in an Accident – in the event you get into an accident where neither party accepts responsibility, your insurance company may dispute your claim and note your account accordingly. This means that if your policy is up for renewal during this time, you may be see an increase in the cost of premium even though you weren’t at fault.

How you use your Vehicle? – the way you use your vehicle will impact your premium costs such as for social or work purposes. For example, when using your vehicle for work, you probably travel long distances or travel at busy times, putting you at a greater risk of an accident. And using your vehicle for social purposes means that you’re most likely driving in late hours and weekends, which again puts you at a greater risk of an accident and could consequently affect your claim.

While there are several other things that could affect your claim, it is highly recommended that you speak to your insurance provider before taking out a policy to avoid any future discrepancies.