Victoria Beckham To Sell Range Rover That She Designed

Victoria Beckham is selling her own special edition Range Rover Evoque after driving it just 1,400 miles in a period of three years.

The 41-year-old pop star turned fashion designer became the face of Evoque in 2012 when she helped to design a limited run of the Evoque, an announcement which generated worldwide publicity. She worked closely with Gerry McGovern, the Design Director for Evoque to create the slick and streamlined look of the car which took over a period of 18 months to be built.

She was quite thrilled during the launch of the special edition Range Rover Evoque and when asked how it felt like designing her own luxury car she said that it was a car she had always dreamt of and it was the one which she and David would both love to own and drive.

However, it looks like the busy mum-of-four hasn’t got behind the wheels of her dream car much, driving only 1,400 miles over the past three years. The special edition Evoque is one of the 200 cars built back in 2013 which had been shipped worldwide. Her father is selling the high end car on her behalf through Lookers Land Rover in Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire. It was initially put up for sale for £60,000 but the price has now been slashed to £55,000. We wonder if a car insurance quote would be the same as a standard Evoque?

When asked why Victoria is selling the super luxury vehicle she had designed, the sale executive at Lookers, Nick Horwood stated that it might be because she doesn’t use it enough. Even though it’s a second hand car on sale, it is still perceived to be a bit different because of the fact that it had been designed and owned by Victoria Beckham herself.

The vehicle features high-tech gadgets including a small television and 16-speaker sound system. The interior of the matte grey car sports beige colored leather seats and a 2-litre turbocharged petrol engine which gives it a 0-62mph time of 7.1 seconds and top speed of 135mph.

Among the Range Rover’s unique features are the heated electric seats. Even the alloy wheels have been given celebrity treatment by featuring rose gold tints which add that extra touch of sophistication. But the luxury factor doesn’t stop there – they even have the owner’s manual coming in its own signed leather wallet.

Besides being the proud owner of Range Rover Evoque, she has a fleet of other high end cars such as Porsche Cabriolet, the classic black Bently and Range Rover Sport.

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