Young drivers not worried about lying for car insurance

A large amount of young drivers – and also their parents – would flout the law in order to obtain a good saving on a car insurance policy, the RAC has found.

‘Fronting’ is the illegal practice of insuring a vehicle in the name of another policyholder, often a parent, whose age and experience behind the wheel affords them more advantageous premium.

RAC Black Box car Insurance interviewed 500 young drivers and found that as many as 47% have no qualms to mislead insurance companies and falsely cover their vehicle in order to avoid higher quotes given to drivers under the age of 24.

An average annual premium of £993, car drivers in the 18-20 age bracket pay the biggest premiums, according to data from the Association of British Insurers. This is a much higher average than the £650 paid by the next most expensive group (21-25 year olds) – and both outstrip the average UK premium of £440.

Misinformation doesn’t appear to have changed responses, as 57% of the younger drivers said they are fully aware that fronting is illegal, with a higher amount of males (65%) than females (49%) aware of the law.

The big issue here is if these young drivers were found out by their respective insurance companies as to what they were doing it could well invalidate their insurance policy. With this being as such a big issue as it is this could well push up insurance premiums for the rest of the car driving population.