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Prices at the pump dropping further

March finally brought some long-overdue joy for motorists at Britain’s pumps, as the price of fuel fell by its biggest margin in months. The price drops show that fuel suppliers are finally passing on reductions in the price of oil – which fell by around 5% – to consumers on the forecourts. It led to the largest fall in diesel prices […]

UK driving test to receive shake-up

A major shake-up of the traditional UK driving test will come into force in December this year. A range of changes have been drafted by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), including the addition for learner drivers to understand and safely use sat-nav systems whilst on the road. The amount of time spent on independent driving will […]

How to gauge your car’s true MPG

A vehicles’s fuel economy, i.e the makers’ ‘official’ figures and the inability of drivers in the real world to match them is a regular annoyance for many motorists. But one car maker is hoping to steer this trend and help car buyers choose an actual ‘real’ economical car. A new website lets drivers input details of their car and driving […]

Supermarkets cutting the price of petrol again

Drivers are in line to benefit from lower fuel prices on the forecourts of the UK’s major supermarkets, following a dip in the wholesale cost of fuel A two pence per litre reduction has been introduced by Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons, in a move which is likely to ease some of the financial burden facing […]

What the new budget means for your car and wallet

The Chancellor delivered his first Budget statement to the House of Commons as he bids to “build the foundations of a stronger, fairer, more global Britain.” Some important announcements for motorists were made during the budget, we have picked out the top picks which will affect Britain’s motorists in 2017 Urban congestion A boost for […]

50% parking increase to be trialled in London for diesel cars

A trial which will see parking fees for diesel cars rise to £7.35 an hour will start in parts of central London from this April. Applying to parking bays in the Westminster City Council-run areas of Fitzrovia, Marylebone and Hyde Park, the 50% increase is seen as a potential strategy in the bid to reduce “shameful” levels of […]

Fuel costs driving up the UKs cost of living

Rising fuel costs at fuel stations across the UK played a huge role in bringing inflation to a two-and-a-half-year high. Cost surges in petrol and diesel – as well as rising food prices – pushed up the cost of living in January, resulting in a 0.2% leap in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) measure of inflation. The Office for National Statistics […]

Average UK driver spends 5 days a year in traffic

A recent study has stated that the UK’s roads as among the most gridlocked in the world. A TomTom report claims 11 of the country’s cities make the list of the 100 most congested areas globally – with drivers in the UK spending as long as five days a year stuck in traffic. Based on findings from last […]

Four year MOT Exemption proposed

The time new vehicles are allowed on the UK’s roads before needing an MOT could potentially rise from three to four years, under new government proposals. The period before anMOT is needed could change in 2018 after a public consultation has taken place. Northern Ireland and many European nations already have an exemption in place The Department for Transport […]

Young drivers not worried about lying for car insurance

A large amount of young drivers – and also their parents – would flout the law in order to obtain a good saving on a car insurance policy, the RAC has found. ‘Fronting’ is the illegal practice of insuring a vehicle in the name of another policyholder, often a parent, whose age and experience behind the wheel affords […]